Flavorful Summer Wedding Dishes

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Summer is the perfect time of year to have a wedding in Tennessee if you love fresh produce and incredible dishes bursting with flavor. We recently spoke to Catering by Suzette about wonderful dishes that couples are choosing for their upcoming summer weddings. Your wedding guests will rave about these fabulous options full of fresh ingredients and modern flare.

Summer 2017 couples are choosing to offer their guests unique options through delicious ethnic foods from all around the world. “It has been so much fun to create these dishes. We have served Greek, Indian, Moroccan, African, Japanese, Korean, Jamaican, Spanish dishes and much more! Chef Jose Aguilera loves when Brides and Grooms share creative ideas with him to incorporate into their food on their most special day!”

BBQ Pork with Lotus Root Kimchi Baos:


Moroccan Sampler Appetizer | Pomegranate, quinoa and pistachio salad with mint, Potato Samosa, and Curry Chicken Brochette, and a Beet Salad with Tangerines:

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Action stations are also very popular in wedding food design. Couples are choosing creative presentation styles to showcase their heritage and personalities. By incorporating action stations into the wedding, couples have the opportunity to show guests the kinds of foods that they personally enjoy. This also gives guests more dining options and creates a fun, exciting ambiance to the event.

Catering by Suzette shares some of their favorite dishes for summer Nashville weddings, “There is such a vast variety of fresh, bright and colorful produce coming in day by day! Tomatoes are always a crowd favorite and you can make so many wonderful dishes with these local beauties straight of the vine. A crisp and cold tomato gazpacho on a hot summer day or night is fantastic!” Catering by Suzette also loves incorporating fruit, such as red and yellow watermelon. Their yellow watermelon bites with smoked salmon tartare and a soy and balsamic glaze are an incredible treat:

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If you want to include a Nashville feel into your wedding menu, the best way to do this is to use the ingredients from its own backyard. Chef Jose Aquilera from Catering by Suzette recently made a custom dish for a wedding with a big taste of Nashville, a local fusion blend of Nashville’s hot chicken, creamy grits, local squash, and apple salad finished with lemon and parsley maple:

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We know your wedding guests will be blown away by these bold and flavorful summer wedding dishes! Bring your personality and favorite dishes into your menu through different action stations full of fresh ingredients and exciting ethnic favorites!

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