Beauty and Comfort: Silvia Lago Bridal Shoes


If you are shopping for a gorgeous, timeless bridal shoe that is equally beautiful and comfortable, you will love Silvia Lago’s sophisticated collection of classic heels that never go out of fashion or season. Silvia Lago’s beautiful collection of bridal shoes features fine Italian leathers, French silks, and diamante trims. Silvia Lago has re-engineered footwear design to combine functionality and comfort to the feet of style-conscious women. These beautiful designs offer a 40% decrease of pressure in the ball of the foot, 60% increase in support and stability when walking, and 80% reduction of impact and stress in the foot. Each gorgeous shoe is handcrafted with high attention to detail for you lovely brides.



 Silvia Lago followed her dream of creating shoes and moved to one of the world’s most prestigious regions of luxury shoemaking in Spain. She worked alongside a team of footwear experts, scientists, and artisans to develop high performance luxury bridal shoes that combine comfort and style. The design and materials of this beautiful collection result in healthier and longer wearing heels for your wedding day. Also, master cobblers in Spain who have produced luxury footwear for generations handcraft Silvia Lago’s stunning bridal shoes. These gorgeous heels will keep every bride comfortable and happy from the ceremony to the end of the reception.




“Silvia Lago is no ordinary bridal shoe house, we are a for-purpose brand on a mission to elevate, inspire and empower women around the world. We are committed to helping women achieve their dream of being a beautiful bride, by offering elegant and comfortable high heels that help them be confident and beautiful.  Silvia Lago bridal shoes can be worn all day long for comfort and style.” 


 Images | Nia PR

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