Spring Wedding Cake Flavors

Spring is only two weeks away and we can’t wait for all the new flavors it brings! Spruce up your spring wedding this year with fresh toppings, flavors and decorations on your wedding cake. Here are just a few of The Cupcake Collection‘s most popular spring flavors.

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Over the past year, brides have leaned towards more minimal and elegant wedding cakes. Instead of extravagant details and decor, using a smooth or subtle texture finish has become very popular. This spring, brides are continuing with that theme and accenting the cake with just a few flowers.

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Image | Once Like A Spark Photography

Continuing with the less is more theme, brides are keeping their color palette natural as well. The sleek, classic look of ivory butter cream or fondant finish really makes your cake shine. If you’d like to add a hint of color to your wedding cake or display of cupcakes, use soft-colored cupcake liners in blush or gold.

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As far as the flavor of your wedding cake, that really is up to the bride and groom. You can choose to go with your favorite flavors like cookies and cream, and coconut crème, or add a fresh fruit taste with strawberries or lemon. A strawberries and champagne cupcake is The Cupcake Collection’s most popular flavor right now. To finish off your wedding cake look, add a little edible glitter or pearls.

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The Cupcake Collection knows how to create a beautiful spring wedding cake or cupcake display. Whether you want to incorporate some of the new season’s trends or stick with what you love, they have the flavors to make it happen. They have also changed how their consultations work and it’s easier than ever to design the perfect wedding cake. All you have to do is pick your flavor, pick your icing, choose your tiers, and choose your finish.

Images provided by The Cupcake Collection

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