Most Popular Flower of 2017

With each new year comes new color palettes, new decor, new table settings and new floral arrangements for weddings! We spoke with Milan Event Floral and Decor to find out what seems to be the most popular flower for 2017. Orchids have long been a favorite flower and this year the white phalaenopsis orchid stems are getting all the attention.


The white phalaenopsis orchid stem is the most common orchid. These elegant and beautiful flowers are easy to take care of and they bloom all year long. Whether you’re having a spring, summer, fall, or winter wedding, these flowers will add a touch of style to your day. This grand flower is more pricy, but just a few stems will go a long way.


White phalaenopsis orchid stems look wonderful as a cascading bouquet. These flowers can hold their own, or you can mix in a little greenery or a pop of color into the bouquet. Using white orchids in your table arrangements also helps fill in your space by adding great height to your reception decor and tables.


When you start planning your big day, be sure to ask your florist about incorporating white phalaenopsis orchid stems into your wedding bouquet. Summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, this flower can transform any room into an elegant and dazzling space.

Images | Milan Event Floral and Decor


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