How to Choose Your Wedding Favors

Do you need to get wedding favors for all of your wedding guests? The short answer is yes. Coming up with a small gift or welcome bag for your guests is another way to personalize your wedding day and let your guests know how important they are to you. We spoke with Simply You Weddings to find out what you need to think about when picking out your wedding favors.


Image | Snappy Shots by Bev

When deciding what wedding favor to buy for your guests, you want to think small. Giving guests something they can fit into their pocket or purse after the wedding helps make sure the gift isn’t left on the table at the end of the night. If you really want to show your guests how much you appreciate them, you can personalize each wedding gift to the individual instead of to your wedding. This just shows how much thought and detail you put into getting the perfect wedding favor.


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For 2017, one trend that Simply You Weddings hopes will continue to gain momentum is donating to a charity the money you would have spent on small gifts for your guests. Couples usually go out after a wedding, especially if you’re having a destination wedding, and wedding favors can get left behind. If you’d like to get your guests more involved or are having a hard time picking just one charity, you can personalize piggy banks with different charities labeled on each one. Then give a token to each guest, which they can give to the charity they are most passionate about.


Image | Limelight Photography

Wedding favors are a great way to personalize your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to break your bank. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, gift organic bug spray as guests arrive. Design wooden name tags that also serve as seating cards that people can take home with them once the wedding is over. Working with your budget and wedding planner, you can make sure your wedding favors are meaningful to you and your guests.

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