Enchanted Brides Bridal Show Vendor Spotlight

When it comes to finding the perfect tuxedo for your groom, Street Tuxedo has everything you need. Street Tuxedo has multiple locations in the middle Tennessee area and has an array of tuxedo styles, colors, and designers. Be sure to visit their booth at the Enchanted Brides Bridal Show this Sunday, January 29 to find out how they can help you in your wedding planning.


 With extra benefits you won’t find at other suit or tuxedo shop, they will take care of your groom and make sure he looks perfect on your wedding day. Make an appointment for your groom this Sunday to find the right suit at the right price.


 We hope you can come to the Enchanted Brides Bridal Show at the Hutton Hotel on Sunday, January 29, from 1-4 p.m. and meet with Street Tuxedo. For more information on the Enchanted Brides Bridal Show and to get your ticket today, click here. Use code freetickets to get 2 tickets to the show, one for the bride and one for the groom, for free!


Images | Street Tuxedo

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