Menu for a Winter Wedding

With colder weather getting settled in for the winter, it’s time to think of fun and new ways to keep your guests cozy at your winter wedding. In addition to creating a comfy and inviting atmosphere, you also need to think of some hot food to serve. We spoke with Monell’s at the Manor and found out some great, warm seasonal dishes you can serve that will keep your guests warm and happy.


For winter drinks, you can never go wrong with classic hot chocolate. This drink is a favorite for many people, especially the kids, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser when served between the ceremony and reception, or as a late-night snack. Some other drink options are hot cider with Jack Daniels and hot cider with Amaretto. Mulled wine and cranberry punch also go great with a sit-down dinner.


For your appetizers and entrees, continue to think warm and even incorporate some holiday favorites like sweet potatoes with pecan and herb roasted turkey into your wedding menu. Start your meal off right with a hot crab dip and stuffed mushroom appetizers. Then for your entree you can serve roasted pork loin stuffed with pecan and apples, or a hot cranberry casserole.


Lastly, for dessert you have the fun options of serving caramel apples, bread pudding with caramel sauce, cherry cobblers or pecan pies. We also encourage you to embrace the new trend of serving late-night snacks at your wedding and have mini donuts, warm cookies and milk, pretzels with beer, or s’mores sitting out for your guests to enjoy. Making sure your guests leave with full stomachs puts a happy ending to your beautiful wedding day.


Images | Monell’s At The Manor

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