Amazing Groom’s Cake Ideas


When deciding on the flavor and design of your groom’s cake, don’t feel confined in your options. While it seems like most groom’s cakes are chocolate flavored or have chocolate icing, that doesn’t mean you have to serve chocolate cake. We spoke with Dessert Designs to find out what some of their most popular flavors are and what options a groom has when selecting his cake.


A lot of the time, a groom’s cake reflects a part of the groom’s personality. If he’s really into sports put a football or soccer ball on the cake. If he loves the university he attended and doesn’t miss a single reunion put his school’s logo on the cake. One cake that is gaining in popularity and that we love is having the groom’s cake showcase where the couple met. For example, if the couple met studying abroad in Paris, have your groom’s cake be Eiffel Tower themed!


A favorite groom’s cake flavor at Dessert Designs is their caramel cake. With several variations on this classic flavor, Dessert Designs gets a lot of orders in for this cake. You can serve this as a sour cream pound cake with caramel icing, or as a chocolate truffle cake baked together with the sour cream pound cake and iced with caramel. Both give your groom’s cake a surprising twist and you may find your guests want more caramel cake than wedding cake!



Over the years, chocolate cake has become a popular choice for the groom’s cake. The flavor contrasts well with the traditional white wedding cake, and most of your wedding guests will probably like chocolate. But don’t forget about all the other delicious cake options! The groom can have any kind of cake he wants. He can have a carrot cake, pineapple upside down cake, German chocolate cake or whatever else he may want. If you’re stomach is telling you to get that red velvet cake, then get that red velvet cake!



Images provided by Dessert Designs

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