Why You Should Preserve Your Wedding Gown


With you’re wedding day behind you, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do with your wedding dress. You spent hours deciding on the perfect dress and felt on-top-of-the-world wearing it on your special day, so what should you do with it now? Preserving your wedding gown at Society Cleaners is one way to cherish the dress and ensures you will always have it as a keepsake of the most romantic day of your life.


Why should you preserve your wedding gown?

If you want to keep your wedding gown to pass along to your children, wear again at your vow renewals, or just to gaze at it from time to time, it needs to be preserved. Overtime, humidity will get to your gown and turn your once brilliantly white gown into splotchy yellow fabric. You can also place other items from your wedding like your invitations, garter or the groom’s tie into the box.


What happens to your gown when it is preserved?

Getting your gown preserved doesn’t cause any damage to the gown. Once Society Cleaners gets your gown, first they’re going to clean the dress. Then they will begin the detailed and delicate process of preserving your dress, which can take anywhere up to two hours depending on the size of your gown. You gown is placed inside four sealed boxes to ensure no humidity can get to your dress.


What can you do with your gown once it’s preserved?

Once your gown is safely sealed in your preservation box it needs to stay sealed, but don’t worry, the box has a plexiglass window so you can still see your gown, veil or whatever other objects you placed in the box. If the gown stays sealed in the box, it can stay white up to 30 years. When you want to re-wear the gown or pass it down to your daughter, it will need to be preserved again. The great thing is that you can clean and preserve the gown as many times as you want and it will still look as sparkling white as it did years before.


Images provided by Society Cleaners

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