Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece Trends


You’re in the heart of your wedding planning now and it’s time to select the perfect centerpieces for your reception. With so many options to choose from and new trends emerging every day it can be hard to settle on just one look. We spoke with Knestrick by Design to find out what’s trending in wedding centerpieces this year, and how you can incorporate the styles into your big day.


Rustic burlap and mason jars are out, and natural and organic looks are in! This year brides are learning towards a more classic and elegant look, mixing different metals with more greenery. Whether you choose to use gold, silver, or rose gold, mixing different materials is a huge trend and looks fabulous for your elegant reception.


Another reception trend this year is having long tables instead of round, and with that arranging a greenery garland down the center. With your garland you can go thick and luscious, or delicate and wispy. It’s even trendy to have the garland so long that it hangs off the table down to the floor. Adding a few flowers around the garland gives your room a romantic and intimate feel, and will take your guests’ breath away.


Another way to decorate your long tables is with collections of different containers. The most important thing to consider when mixing containers is using different heights. One collection that is being used a lot this year is different candle heights with a few smaller flower arrangements in glass cylinders. You can even mix smaller containers with a garland to fill out your table design.


One last trend that we really love is floral chandeliers. Floral chandeliers can be hung over the dance floor or buffet line, and really transform your reception. If you choose to hang flowers over your reception tables you need to remember to put something smaller on the tables. Arranging a few candles or using a small vase will complement the floral chandelier above the table.


Images provided by Knestrick by Design

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