Star Crossed Lovers Bridal Gown Collection


Designer Stephanie White at OdyLyne The Ceremony has brought to life an exquisite bridal gown collection called Star Crossed Lovers. These gorgeous dresses are made with brides and bridesmaids in mind. Each dress in the collection embodies deep emotion, sensibility and the natural beauty of life and art. With a unique and free-spirited approached to bridal gowns, White has designed a romantic and delicate line of gowns.




“When the stars align ever so perfectly a passionate, fiery romance manifest into two hearts. We love William Shakespeare’s idea that star crossed lovers are working against fate to preserve their love. A love story that has been written in the stars and the force that has brought them together would soon try to tear them apart.With a love that burns that bright comes a youthful immortality that is preserved. We are infatuated with the idea of the preservation of a young and innocent love.” – Stephanie White




The Los Angeles brand recently showed the Star Crossed Lovers collection at a beautiful presentation. The images here show the models framed with vintage candelabras, lush florals, and hundreds of candles. Each element complimenting the style and luxury of the dresses.




“We have a simple mission. To create a dream like state in reality of the strong expectations that you may have on one of the most special days of your life. We believe there are so many literal details of the day you say ‘I do.’ There are so many aspects of your wedding day that are bold and bright and in your face. We want to focus on the undertones of everything else. The undertones that are there but are more part of the senses that come to you in a memory in the way a butterfly lands on a flower. The ceremony is curated for the bride that understands that the standards are meant to be pushed, and the limits should feel endless.”


Images Provided by Coded PR


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