Claire Pettibone Couture Collection of Timeless Engagement Rings


Designer Claire Pettibone has created a stunning collection of fine jewelry exclusively for Trumpet & Horn. The collection embodies true romance with handcrafted delicate textures and refined symmetry. Using a wide variety of meticulously chosen gems, Claire Pettibone has outdone herself and designed an extraordinary engagement ring collection.




Getting your special someone a unique ring from Claire Pettibone’s collection shows just how much you treasure her. The collection features royal purple sapphires, show-stopping rubies, romantic violet tourmalines, brilliant diamonds, and many other gorgeous gems that lets her know you will always be by her side. Make your fiancée feel like royalty with a breathtaking equinox violet spinel center stone flanked by 22 delicate round brilliant cut diamonds or a solstice diamond surrounded by 14 diamonds set in yellow gold.




“I come from a family of artists, so beautiful things have always been a part of my world. As a child, like most young girls, one of my favorite pastimes was rummaging through my grandmother’s jewelry collection. To be able to bring these first hints of inspiration, mixed with my own feminine vision of timeless style, to life as fine jewelry, is a dream come true,” said Founder and Designer Claire Pettibone.




Images | Coded PR

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