Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers


A classic photo opportunity during a wedding reception is when the bride and groom cut their cake. Because your cake table is such a focal point, it’s important to think about what cake topper you are going to have. Whiskey Teacup provides endless custom options when it comes to cake toppers, and it’s important that you choose one that is unique to you.


Cake toppers are an important element to completing your cake table design. They can be made up of your wedding date, your pets, your home, a favorite quote, anything. Not only are cake toppers a great chance for you to add your personality to your decor, it is also something you can keep with you for the rest of your life. In addition to the cake topper, Whiskey Teacup provides a stand so you can keep your cake topper with you long after the cake has been eaten.


Cake toppers can be incorporated anywhere on your cake table and do not necessarily have to sit directly on top of your wedding cake. If you decide to serve many smaller desserts at your reception you can place your cake topper on a stand in the center of the table. You can also work with your cake designer and create a cake topper that will sit nicely on one of the other tiers of your wedding cake.


A popular cake topper that is gaining moment this year is the monogrammed cake topper. One way to elevate this classic monogrammed cake topper is to design a crest for your wedding. Creating a symbol for your wedding is something you can cherish throughout your marriage and can be used throughout your wedding design. Whatever you decide to have as your cake topper just make sure it’s personal to you.


 Images | Provided by Whiskey Teacup

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