Bold and Bright Wedding Bouquets


For a few years now muted and neutral wedding bouquets have been brides favorite choices for bouquets, but now bright and bold bouquets are back! This year floral arrangements have become a focal point for weddings and with that has come intensely colored bouquets. Brides have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a wedding bouquet so we spoke with Milan Event Floral and Decor to find out how to mix this bright trend into your wedding details.



One trend brides have been incorporating into their wedding details more and more this year is using clashing colors in their bouquets. Two clashing colors that keep popping up together are pink and orange. If you want to give this a try, make sure to trust your florist’s judgment so you don’t throw in too many colors and wind up with a circus bouquet. You can also choose two bold colors that accent each other well like yellow and red, or blue and purple.



 Another great way to add a burst of color to your wedding is to create a bouquet using the same color of flower. Selecting a red rose as your main flower and shifting the color wheel slightly lighter and darker will create a shocking bouquet that will make your wedding elegant and sophisticated. Some other great flowers to use in a solid color bouquet are dark dutch blue hydrangeas, purple lisianthus, and blue thistle.



If you choose to use dramatic colors in your wedding bouquet, be sure to incorporate the color into other elements of your wedding like your linen or lighting. We hope you have fun creating your wedding bouquet and throw some of these bright and bold flowers into the mix.



Images | Provided by Milan Event Floral and Decor

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