Fall Wedding Cake Trends

Fall is just around the corner and that means navy and burgundy bridesmaid dresses, rich-colored bouquets, and delicious fall flavors will start making their way into your wedding details. We spoke with The Cupcake Collection and found this fall brides are keeping their wedding cakes traditional.


Image | Dean Dixon

This year a lot of brides have been choosing textured buttercream wedding cakes and that trend will continue through fall. Instead of using bright flowers to decorate your cake, this fall use neutral colors like ivory and white to add detail to your cake. Designing elaborate flowers and creating custom hand-piping designs with frosting helps elevate a classic and timeless wedding cake.


Image | Dean Dixon

A lot of brides this year are also pairing their wedding cake with cupcakes. Instead of choosing a traditional groom’s cake, incorporate the groom’s favorite flavors into cupcakes. Some popular cupcake toppings to use in the fall are walnuts and cinnamon. You can also add edible pearls or glitter to give the look a little shine. Any of these toppings will help make your wedding dessert look and taste like autumn.


Image | Dean Dixon

The Cupcake Collection’s favorite fall flavor is sweet potato. Made out of real sweet potatoes, this is one of their original cakes topped with a cream cheese buttercream frosting and finished with a little cinnamon. Some other timeless flavors that go perfectly with a fall wedding are strawberry, vanilla almond butter cream, and chocolate.


Image | Hannah Messinger

Lastly, you need to envision how you want your cake displayed. When showcasing your beautiful wedding cake, rustic styled cake towers are the perfect choice for a fall wedding. Choosing a tower that has a natural wood finish will complement the rest of your scenery and also add a whimsical feel to the reception. With a more neutral toned cake and a natural display, you will be ready for your fall wedding.

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