What To Send in a Wedding Invitation

There is a lot to consider when it comes to creating your wedding invitations. What should actually be printed on the invitation? What all should be included in the envelope that holds your wedding invitation? How many envelopes should you mail out? Darby Cards shares with us some tips on how to decide what you should do with your wedding invitations.


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The actual wedding invitation is the most important piece of information in your envelope, and when it comes to stuffing the envelope we believe less is more. Allow your guests to really focus on the invitation and try not to distract them with too many other inserts. In addition to your invitation, a website card and reply card will be enough inserts for one envelope. You can even leave out a reply card and have people RSVP on your website to help declutter your envelope.


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On your wedding invitation, the first thing mentioned should be who is hosting the wedding. This used to be the bride’s parents but if several people are contributing to your special day you can say “together with their families.” This way everyone is included but you don’t use up a whole lot of room on your invitation. You should also list the wedding date and time, the venue, and the reception information if you have space.


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If you keep your wedding invitation envelope simple, there is still a lot of information to communicate to your guests. The rehearsal dinner time and location, welcome parties, reception information and more can all be put on your wedding website. You could also send out a second envelope later with these details.


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Sending out wedding invitations is a must, but don’t overwhelm your guests with information. Keeping your envelope clean and organized will really show off the beautiful design of your invitation and let your guests know what to expect at your wedding. Directing your guests to a website is a great way to communicate all your wedding details while keeping your invitations looking classic and elegant.

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