Why You Need a Wedding Website


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We’re not even going to debate whether having a wedding website is a must or not. In today’s society it obviously is. Instead, we’re going to tell you how much easier preparing for your special day will be if you have a wedding website and why. We spoke with Evviva Events, a Nashville based event planner, and found out all the right reasons you should create a website for your wedding.


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Why do you need a wedding website?

Having a wedding website provides your guests with a one-stop spot where they can stay updated on the big day’s events. It’s easily accessible to your guests, and is a quick and free way to keep everyone informed. Keeping your guests informed ultimately means less time on the phone for you answering the many questions your guests may have.

Not only does having a wedding website make communication easier with your guests, it also helps with your planning. Having guests RSVP online ensures no responses get lost in the mail or chewed up by the dog. In addition to everything else you’re planning, you don’t need the added of stress of losing or forgetting something. Storing all of your information online is a great solution to keeping your wedding organized.


Photographer | Christine leGrand 

What do you put on a wedding website?

Date and time of ceremony and reception

Address and directions to ceremony and reception

Gift registry information

RSVP form

List of nearby hotels

Parking information

Photos of the bride and groom

Comment box for guests to leave marriage advice or share their favorite stories of the happy couple.

Any other information you would like your guests to know before arriving.

Creating a wedding website is free and easy to do. Wedding websites inform your guests of everything they need to know before coming to your wedding, and are also a fun place to let everyone know why you’re getting married. Be sure to take a few minutes and make your wedding website today!


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