The Beauty of Wedding Planning


Working with a professional wedding planner is one of the best ways to guarantee that your wedding day will be an absolute dream come true. Experienced wedding planners have the ingredients it takes to execute a seamless, beautiful wedding that brings your ultimate wedding vision to life. We recently spoke with incredible wedding and event planner, Just Save the Date, about the importance of working with a great planner for an amazing wedding planning experience!




Couples work with wedding planners for a variety of reasons: to elevate stress, tap into the planner’s expertise, and to help make the wedding vision of their dream a reality. We asked Kelly Fowler from Just Save the Date how she seamlessly executes beautiful events. She said, It’s our job as planners to constantly be in the know and since weddings are an ever-changing, ever-evolving market, being a wedding planner allows you to see the whole picture and analyze the different parts of the puzzle. Keen attention to detail, being extremely organized and the ability to effectively communicate with both vendors and clients are the most important parts of executing a seamless event.”







Working with a wedding planner truly helps take away the stress that comes with wedding planning by keeping the couple on track, within their budget, and presenting the couple with great options. “Most couples have full-time jobs and other commitments, and wedding planning definitely becomes another full-time job, which causes un-due stress. Having a planner at your disposal helps alleviate the stress and legwork and makes the planning process more fun and stress-free.”





It is very important to not only choose a professional wedding planner, but a reputable one! Kelly Fowler mentions that many couples have friends or relatives that have dabbled in planning, but since these people are invited guests, it is important to allow them to enjoy the day, and not ask them to focus on all of the details. “Your planner, albeit that you feel like they are your BFF, is there to do a job and mighty fine one at that. They will make sure that every t is crossed, every i is dotted, and that you are well take care of so you can relax and enjoy the day.”






 By establishing a relationship with the client and getting to know them on a personal level, the planner begins to understand what the couple likes and dislikes and is able to put together, and execute their wedding vision. We listen a lot to what clients say, not just about the wedding, but in general conversation, and use those pieces of information to help put together and execute a wedding that is a dream come true!”





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