Glamorous Crystal Bags For Your Wedding Day


If you beautiful brides and bridesmaids are looking for a gorgeous, glamorous bag to carry on the big day, you will love these fabulous crystal bags by Athena Bridal. We love these glamorous, vintage designs that are perfect for your wedding day look. Athena Bridal’s crystal bags would look perfect at a classic, traditional wedding, an elegant, upscale wedding, or at a 1920’s themed wedding next to bridesmaids dressed in sparkly sequins and beads! These bags are functional and versatile, making them the perfect accessory for your wedding day.

athenacrystalbag2 athenacrystalbag3 athenacrystalbag4

You can stylishly keep your wedding day essentials safe in Athena Bridal’s beautiful crystal bags. Store your cell phone, lipstick, extra bobby pins, breath mints, and safety pins just in case you have a wardrobe emergency! We love the functionality of these beautiful bags. They are equally stunning and important for your wedding day.

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These crystal bags will add an elegant statement to your wedding day look with a touch of vintage glamor. Athena Bridal will make you feel feminine and stylish with these stunning crystal bags available in modern designs with a vintage touch. We love these crystal bags for an elegant wedding day accessory that is beautiful, practical, and can be used again after the wedding day is over! You will love wearing one of these gorgeous bags whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or maid of honor as they are truly for everyone!

Images | Athena Bridal

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