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Finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes can be difficult, but we have some great pieces of advice for you lovely brides who are looking for gorgeous wedding day shoes. There are several things to consider when deciding on bridal shoes, like the location of the wedding, the style of the bridal gown, and theme of the wedding design. We recently spoke with Pink Paradox Shoes, fabulous bridal and occasion shoe designer, and we have some great tips for you lovely brides searching for the perfect wedding day shoes!


The location of the wedding will need to be considered when choosing bridal shoes. A wedding celebration at the beach or in a bohemian styled venue may not ask for extremely high-heeled shoes, or bridal shoes that are exquisitely decorated. Brides planning chic and elegant weddings will most likely want to wear shoes that are elegant, well-designed, and exquisitely detailed. 


There should be a relationship between the ambiance of the wedding and the style of bridal shoes that the bride wears. It is important for the bride to feel comfortable and authentic on her big day. Therefore, she should consider whether it would feel more appropriate for her to wear formal and very chic bridal shoes or more simple, white shoes with an average heel height.


 It is important for the bride to wear shoes that compliment the bridal gown. If a bride is wearing a short dress, then her bridal shoes will be very visible. When wearing short dresses, bridal shoes become an essential item that compliments the bridal look, so it is a great idea to choose gorgeous bridal shoes that match the wedding dress. Whether the bride chooses a traditional ivory satin bridal shoe, peep toe, strappy shoes, or caged style sandals, the bridal shoe can be exquisitely ornamented with important detail.


Brides wearing long dresses also need to pay attention to the shoes they wear. A great piece of advice to remember is that the bride needs to wear shoes that are high enough, so the bride does not sweep the floor with her beautiful dress. Since it is very likely that the dress will cover most of the shoe, the design of the shoe could have a lovely detail on the top or on the toe area. A delicate or shiny detail will draw attention to your shoe even if you’re wearing a long dress.


 “Brides feel the most gorgeous in their bridal shoes when they devote enough time to look at different shoe styles. It is advisable that she sticks to a shoe height she’s used to wearing in her everyday life so that she feels confident. It is advisable that she wears her bridal shoes at home for a few hours in the weeks prior to the wedding day so that she’s already worn the shoes and they are not absolutely new on your wedding day.” 

We love these beautiful bridal shoes from Pink Paradox Shoes, and know you lovely brides will too! Make sure to follow these guidelines when shopping for your perfect pair of bridal shoes, and you will feel beautiful, comfortable, and authentic! We know you will look absolutely stunning on your big day from head to toe!

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