What to Serve at Your Summer Wedding

Having a summer wedding gives you the freedom to create an exciting and different wedding menu for your reception. We spoke with Chef’s Market and found out brides are moving away from three course dinners this summer and going for the experience trend. Rather than having a sit-down meal, brides are serving smaller appetizers and incorporating action stations at their receptions.


The experience trend gets your guests involved, and creates an exciting and fun atmosphere. Set up action stations at your reception where guests can build their own plate of appetizers or desserts. This way your guests are sure to enjoy their food. Having an action station will also keep your guests busy while you and the groom get your formal pictures taken.


Bite-sized foods are also making their way from appetizers to desserts. In addition to the wedding cake, serve a variety of desserts on the side. Some desserts you may want to try are gourmet cookies with shots of milk, miniature cupcakes, and miniature white chocolate banana puddings. These desserts are light and refreshing, and just what you need at your outdoor wedding.


Another summer trend is serving your guests late night snacks. These snacks are usually small and sweet. Pictured below is a bourbon shot with a chocolate truffle on top that is an excellent treat to serve your guests before they head home. Again, this summer is all about keeping your food light and fun.


Lastly, don’t forget summer is the perfect time to take advantage of delicious, fresh produce. Serving French crudités, and miniature fruits and vegetables are a great way to add bright pops of color to your reception. They also taste quite delicious. We hope you will try out some of these trends at your wedding this summer.




Images | Daniel Walley

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