The Perfect Accessory for Every Bride

If you are searching for a fabulous, modern clutch for your wedding day, you will love the innovative, elegant, family owned accessories company, NICOLI. These beautiful clutches are perfect for your bridal party, mother of the bride, and for you, the bride! We love these bags because they are feminine, edgy, and on trend. The charm of timeless elegance and contemporary designs makes these bags perfect for your wedding day. Attention to detail can be seen in each beautiful design.



These gorgeous clutches are the perfect accessory to hold your wedding day essentials, including bobby pins or safety pins in case you have a hair or dress emergency, tissues, a special family keepsake, lipstick or lip balm for touch-ups, blush, waterproof mascara, gum or breath mints, or your cell phone for a quick selfie with friends and family. Created as the perfect accessory to life’s most beautiful and memorable moments, NICOLI clutches are the perfect addition to your wedding day look.




NICOLI is exclusive, elegant, unique, and highly sought after. This collection has an array of gorgeous colors and styles for every type of bride, and adds an elegant statement to your wedding day look. NICOLI will make you feel confident, stylish, unique, and feminine with modern designs and details handmade from the finest materials. We love these gorgeous clutches for a stunning wedding day accessory that is chic and practical to hold your wedding needs and essentials. If you are a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or bride, NICOLI clutches would be a gorgeous, useful accessory for your special day.



Images | CLD PR

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