Fresh & Fun Spring Cakes

We love delicious and beautiful South Florida wedding cakes, and Sunshine Cake Design is an expert when it comes to designing fresh, fun, and flavorful cakes! Sunshine Cake Design told us about some exciting new designs and flavors that they’ve been making this season. Cake flavors are becoming lighter – to match the lightness of the season – but brides are still packing some punch with a fruit mousse as filling.


“Very popular right now is our champagne cake paired with a wild strawberry mousse.” We can only imagine how delicious that combination of flavors must be! If you enjoy rich, savory flavors, the dark chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse would be decadent and delicious this season.

Brides are also presenting their guests with two different cake flavors combined in one tier. “For example, each guest at the reception would be presented with a slice of cake that had both a layer of vanilla cake and a layer of caramel cake paired with, say, a coffee mousse filling.” Sunshine Cake Design loves to incorporate citrus flavors into their cakes as well; one of their favorites right now is key lime cake paired with a cheesecake buttercream filling.


Sunshine Cake Design has been noticing some new, unique trends for cake design this season. “Our brides this Spring have been going for less formal, more nature-inspired and colorful designs for their wedding cakes. We have done several cakes where the buttercream has even been tinted a color in order to complement a beautiful fresh flower cascade. One of our most popular design elements is to include a cake tier that has been decorated to look like a cut tree stump.” This is the perfect combination to include elements of spring into your wedding cake design.


We also asked the bakery what they believed to be an important step for couples when trying to pick out cake flavors for their wedding …“Do a bit of homework before the tasting.  Discuss with each other the flavors that you would like for the wedding cake.  When you book your tasting appointment, ask your cake designer which flavors you will be sampling. If there is a specific flavor that you would like to try, ask your cake designer ahead of time if it is possible for something to be made especially for your tasting.  It is not always possible, but it never hurts to ask!”



When choosing your wedding cake flavors and decorations this season, get creative with your cake layers and filling options. Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons, so incorporating spring design into your cake will make your wedding even more memorable and beautiful.

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