Fun & Festive: Spring Wedding Details

As we all know, Spring is here! And we couldn’t be more excited because of all the wonderful wedding inspiration it brings! Whether you’re going for a more formal wedding or something a little less traditional, we wanted to share some wedding ideas with you that we adore, so that you can have the marvelous, Spring wedding you deserve!

Flowers, Flowers – Everywhere!


With Spring weddings, you have so much freedom to play with your bouquet! From all types of flowers to different shades of color, Spring ensures absolutely zero restrictions on your gathering of flowers – making it all the more one-of-a-kind!


You also have the freedom to play around with floral decorations within your venue. Using different color tones and flower varieties adds an extra pop of eclectic elegance that your guests will not be expecting!


Florals added to your wedding cake is another great idea! It always adds that Spring wedding class!

Color Galore!


You have so many choices when it comes to color for a Spring wedding. From darker shades to lighter, the overall freshness of Spring makes it easy to compliment whichever color you choose to highlight in your wedding!


You can incorporate your color scheme in other ways, as well! Let your creativity fly with all of the options – they’re endless!

Rustic Elegance!


For Spring weddings, you can bring in more rustic elements from “nature”, like these tree rounds, but still have your wedding be an elegant event.


With such natural elements, too, you can easily add customization throughout your décor that will leave your guests smiling and that will serve as wonderful memory tokens for you and your honey!

Spring can be beautifully represented in your wedding by little visions of wood and greenery, but with touches of other elements, like gold and cream, your wedding will also hold elegance and class.


Fun Details!


In Spring, it’s much easier to have your wedding outdoors. For this, you can get creative with chalkboard signs that add personality to your setup and help to, sweetly, direct your guests!


Flowers aren’t only for centerpieces and bouquets, either! You can add a touch of grace and present a more vintage-feel for your guests with mismatched, floral china. This brings a “homey” feel that so many people love!


Whimsical, fun decorations for your gift table and bar area make for more, fun Spring wedding details, as well. Playing with different sizes, shapes, and colors add a touch of fun!

Whichever direction you may go for your Spring wedding, we know it will be gorgeous!

Let Spring inspire you with all of its creative opportunities, and let your personality and love shine through in classic Spring style!



These beautiful photos were taken by the talented photographers at: Ace Photography

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