The Little Things

We all know that the big details of planning a wedding are important: the venue, the dress, cake & catering, music, etc.

What we often forget about, though, are all the little details that can really help tie everything together!

For this time of year, details can range from anything as simple as floral accents to something a little more detailed like name cards for your table settings.

Here are some wedding deets that we just love:

  • Details can start early on in the planning process with your Save the Date cards & wedding invitations! Working with a designer for these wedding details ensures that you and your honey’s personalities will really shine through for your friends and family. 


  • Incorporating little quotes or sayings (or even pictures!) into your table settings are a great way to enhance the overall atmosphere of your wedding. It can really add that extra romantic feel. Also, if you have a theme to your wedding, this detail can help bring it to life more! 



  • Fun, interactive activities for guests to participate in upon arrival is something great to remember and consider. This way guests are immediately off to a fun beginning for your beautiful wedding! Plus, it’s a great memory keepsake!


  • No detail is too detailed! (At least that’s what we think, hah!) For themed weddings especially, you can have fun playing around with different details that will leave your guests smiling and will also give them a good conversation starter for the wedding meal!


  • One of the best details to remember when planning your wedding are fun, cute ‘Thank You’ mementos. These will truly enhance your guests’ overall experience and help personalize it more for them, which ends up meaning so much!


  • Another fine point to consider that will help your bridal party feel extra special is matching robes or anything else that is more personalized to each of them specifically. (Some grooms have been known to include name initials inside tuxedos or a stitching of the wedding date for an added touch of personalization!)


Whatever kind of wedding you’re planning, remember the details – big & small! They will help enhance the overall atmosphere & experience, and they will help provide the guests with little tokens and memories of your beautiful, special day!


Photography | Christy Ofria

Coordination & Event Planner | Just Save the Date

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