Wedding Menu Trends for 2016

We all tend to check what is trending to determine which direction to go next. No matter what the blogs and experts tell us is the next big thing, you can help make this the year of the custom food menu. Since customization is what we do best at Chef’s Market, we can give you some pointers on translating your personal favorites into an impressive food menu that you and your guests will love.

The following is a list of food trends and wedding menu options for 2016. Take each option and think about how you can incorporate your personal favorites for a trendy, custom menu all your own!


1 – Lots of COLOR – Brilliant color on your food table is beautiful and irresistible. Pick out your colorful, fresh foods favorites and request those options to be incorporated into your menu.  Whether it’s a savory, rich-hued roasted vegetable platter or simple, but classy, vibrant vegetable crudités, make a list of your colorful favorites and choose from those.


2 – FRESH, FRESH, FRESH – From the seafood to the organic vegetables, light and fresh is preferable to the heavier, greasier, fried options.

3 – Bite-sized – Smaller offerings don’t mean skimpy or lacking in flavor.  In fact, this year’s canapé can be a tiny version of a sophisticated, traditionally bigger dish. The bacon-wrapped Boursin stuffed fig is a Chef’s Market favorite.  What is your favorite gourmet food?  Turn it into a bite-sized burst of flavor!


4 – More Interactive Receptions – The food station continues to be a favored choice for more guest interaction. Food stations give you the opportunity to add multi-cultural flare to your menu options, as we have found with our popular couscous station. What a delicious way to incorporate new flavors and a touch of the exotic, which is not just pleasing to the palate, but aesthetically agreeable as well. If you are considering a multi-cultural food station, you might opt to celebrate your cultural heritage with family recipes.


5 – The Classic Menu Makes a Comeback – The sophistication of days gone by can hardly be found anywhere these days except for the occasional wedding reception. Chicken Roulade and Beef Wellington are classic menu favorites that can be served with traditional side dishes or be recreated and paired with fun, edgier side-dishes.



To read more from Chef’s Market (and for trends 6-9!), pick up a copy of Enchanted Brides out on newsstands today!

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