Bold Beauties: Aruna Seth

Standing out on your wedding day can be the most exciting yet most terrifying thing for a bride. Having everyone turn their attention towards you and your love can be a little nerve-racking! To UK shoe designer, Aruna Seth, though, no moment is better to be confident, be bold, and make a statement.


Aruna designs her shoes with the philosophy in mind that a bride should be unafraid to stand out on her big day. So, she creates them to help reflect that confidence, if lost, back onto you! With her unique colors, sleek designs, and added touches of personality, you are sure to shine ten times brighter on your wedding day.



Comfortability is a big concern on your wedding day, too. Every bride fears that their feet will eventually give in at some point during the wedding festivities! Aruna knows this, though, and has lined each of her shoes with a special padding that makes it easy and comfortable for you to get on throughout the day.

You mean, I’ll be feeling bold, beautiful, and be comfortable at the same time? Yes, please!


It’s so clear to us that Aruna puts a lot of thought into each of her shoes. She has the every day bride in mind!


She makes it clear through her original designs and extra-padded padding that you deserve to be stylish, bold, confident and, most importantly, comfortable, all throughout your special day!

A colorful risk is a risk worth taking, and Aruna’s designs can lead the way!


Photos | Courtesy of NiaPR

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