Charlotte Balbier: SEPARATES

“A Charlotte Balbier bride is a free spirited feminine woman who is confident in both her fashion and bridal style. Expressing her unique individuality, personality and style through her Balbier gown”

These are the words from wedding designer Charlotte Balbier, and they sure do resonate with brides.

Having been named designer of the year in 2013 and featured on multiple wedding and fashion blogs, as well as large name magazines (Vogue, Marie Claire, etc.), this designer’s words are definitely important to hear.

And her designs … equally, if not more, important to see!


With her keen eye for detail and lovely feminine designs for gowns, Charlotte’s newest collection, SEPARATES, is really something to consider for your big day. With stunning pieces to accent your gown or to stand alone as your gown itself, there is a magical piece in this collection for every bride.



“From listening and understanding her bride, Charlotte has created key pieces to both match and complement ensuring the bride completes her look for the style she has chosen for her special day.”


This collection, along with the many other fabulous ones, are pouring over with inspiration, beauty, and glamour! No matter what kind of style you may be trying to accomplish for your big day of love, Charlotte has something to offer you.

In fact, it seems that she might have everything to offer!

From the gown-to-beat to the smallest, most beautifully-creafted details, the SEPARATES collection is designed to be unique to each bride and will surely make your wedding day even more special than before!


Photos | Charlotte Balbier x NiaPR

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