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Down in South Florida, a cake shop is creating one-of-a-kind wedding cakes that are really making people talk!

Sunshine Cake Design creates custom designs for a unique experience for both bride and groom, as well as for all of the wedding guests that can’t seem to stop commenting on the divine creations.


With spring right around the corner, founders Jesse and Renee are sharing some of their ideas about what trends to look for in 2016, such as cake flavors.

“… fruit flavored cakes are popular for the spring,  especially citrus flavored cakes. Lemon, Orange, and even Key Lime … flavored cakes can definitely accentuate a South Florida wedding.” 


The ladies of Sunshine Cake Design comment on color trends, as well. Aside from blush pinks and other pastel colors that are normally go-to shades for spring, jewel tones are another fun way to accent white or ivory cakes.

For bolder brides, “a cascade of bright pink, orange, and red flowers can [also] make a great statement for the wedding cake!”


And of course, last but not least, are the flowers. Whether fresh or made from sugar, flowers are important detail accents for spring/summer weddings!

“We will use either fresh or sugar flowers on a cake, depending on the bride’s preference. Using fresh flowers on the wedding cake that mirror the florals at the reception can really tie the whole vision together!”


Jesse and Renee love designing cakes, but they always enjoy the experience of working with the bride and groom, as well. It gives them the opportunity to be creative and make some seriously cool cakes!

“We recently did a wedding cake that was decorated half for the bride and half for the groom. The bride’s side was off white with a stenciled lace design and ribbon accents. The groom’s side was a super hero extravaganza featuring: Deadpool, Wolverine, Hulk, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor!”


“We also did a cake that looked like a plate of BBQ ribs. It was a full rack, complete with a sugar glaze BBQ sauce, burnt chocolate “bones” and a side of  **modeling chocolate french fries.  Everyone who saw it could not believe it was a cake, it looked so real!”

As far as other styles and trends go for cakes in 2016, Jesse and Renee both agree,
“Metallics are here to stay. A gold-accented cake with beautiful flowers will always be in style.”


Whether you’re looking for something traditional or completely unique, it’s clear that Sunshine Cake Design has some great products to offer every bride, groom, and cake lover!


Photos | Sunshine Cake Designs

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