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We love wedding traditions and how they are such a special aspect of the wedding experience. Unique wedding traditions can be brought into any aspect of wedding planning, wedding fashion, or wedding design. The Soukie Modern Wedding Clutch Collection brings a very special wedding tradition, the Moroccan Wedding Blanket, to life through a gorgeous clutch design.



Moroccan Wedding Blankets are traditionally made in anticipation for a wedding by a bride’s female relatives. The process of attaching the hundreds of mirrored sequins and weaving the blankets can take weeks or even months. The thought is that it is a time for the female relatives to educate the bride on marital duties and expectations. After the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her neck as a sort of cape on her ride to her new home and life. Handira Wedding Blankets by Soukie Modern are made from the finest wool and cotton and sequins. 


Soukie Modern has taken the elegance and beauty of the Moroccan Wedding Blanket and created one of a kind clutches which a bride can use well past her wedding date. An optional charm is available that resembles the metal sequins and can be engraved with the wedding date, new initials or new last name. The bags are available individually or you can also purchase all clutches from your wedding blanket as a keepsake gift to your wedding party or important women such as mother of the bride. 

For more inspiration by Soukie Modern, check out the full collection here!

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