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 JudeFrances is the combination of classic elegance and modern trendy styles. This gorgeous collection has something for everyone of all ages and for all occasions, including your beautiful wedding accessories. From necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, JudeFrances has so much beauty to offer. We recently got to have a chat with JudeFrances founder, Jude Steele. Here is what she had to say about her designs.
1.      Tell us briefly about how you got started as a designer.
a.       I have a background as a photographer  which has always given me a unique view. I am very driven by fashion and style and staying a head of the trends. Before JudeFrances I had a small jewelry boutique in Orange County so this was a natural progression for me.  
2.      What inspires your new collections?
a.       I’m really inspired by current trends and fashion. I love staying ahead of trends and seeing what fashion designers have in store. I also love the orange county lifestyle so I often use the picturesque surroundings here as a color palette. I work with my design team to come up with fresh ideas and interesting shapes and styles.
3.      What challenges do you face as a designer?
a.       Reigning in my ideas! I have so many ideas from season to season that I always need to collaborate with my team so we create a line that is reflective of JudeFrances and the JudeFrances customer.
4.      What style advice do you want to share with brides on their wedding day?
a.       We love alternative jewelry for a bride. Colored gemstone engagement rings, wide wedding bands and stacks of bangles on the wrist. Jewelry is a fun way to make a classic bridal look unexpected.
You can purchase gorgeous JudeFrances pieces here!
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