Cold Weather Comfort

ColdWeatherComfort2As Thanksgiving approaches us tomorrow, we are very excited to visit with our families and think about what we have been thankful for this year, and of course, eat comforting Thanksgiving foods.

Because colder weather is making its way into the South, the menus at Southern weddings will change into more comforting, warmer food choices. We recently spoke with Chef’s Market to find out which foods and serving styles will be popular as cold weather approaches us.

Chef Market’s Jack Daniel’s braised beef short rib with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans has been extremely popular this year. Many couples are wanting to have more of a comforting menu as cold weather approaches. Think chef-inspired meets homemade comfort food.



Family style serving has been a huge trend this year. A lot of couples love the intimacy of family style serving to promote conversation at the table. This sets a more inviting mood and stays away from the very formal plated meal. Fresh and Farm to Table ingredients are also becoming more and more popular. Chef’s Market is working with local farmers in Tennessee and Kentucky to bring in the best local and organic products that they can find.

Buffet stations have remained very popular at weddings. Chef’s Market believes that these stations will remain popular for years to come. A lot of guests love stations and they add some motion to the reception itself. Stations intrigue guests and entice them to try new foods and flavors. Even though traditional plated meals are very nice, the stations add a much more interesting element to modern weddings.


We asked Chef’s Market for the perfect menu for a delicious wedding dinner as we move into cold weather. “I think that my favorite meal to suggest is our Jack Daniel’s Braised Beef Short Rib paired with Parmesan Crusted Prawns over Risotto and Asparagus. Served with our Apple Joe Salad and our house-made rolls.”

Of course, drinks and cocktails are such a fun element of the wedding reception. We asked Chef’s Market for some delicious, fun cocktail ideas for cold weather weddings. “Think warmer. We have seen several warm drink stations. Spiked Cider and Hot Chocolate. Once again, I think people are going back to the comfort items while adding a bit of a twist. For a cold drink, people are wanting something a bit different with fresh ingredients and sometimes Herbs.”

We love these fresh, delicious ideas from Chef’s Market for a warm, comforting wedding dinner.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving from Enchanted Brides!

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