Fabulous Fall Designs

We love Nashville Fall 2015 color palettes and trends for many reasons. From gorgeous, earthy color palettes to the metallic trends we have seen this season, Fall weddings in Nashville are truly one of a kind. We recently had a chat with Southern Events Party Rental Company about Fall wedding trends in Nashville and the beauty of their popular rustic elements.

One of the best examples of a great Fall color palette is a Tuscan-Inspired theme with exposed barn-wood, dish-towel style napkins, light and earthy color palettes, and exposed metallics. “Some of our most popular rental items embody a truly effortless look – rustic mixed with a little style.”


Southern Events’ rustic pieces are so fabulous because they can be dressed up or dressed down. Mixing a soft palette with gorgeous metallics like Mercury Glass or upgraded flatware really dresses up an otherwise casual color palette. Beautiful soft colors like ivory or blush, and greenery used in florals, really brings the whole gorgeous look together.

Southern Events mentions that there has been a big interest in their industrial pieces, such as Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses, Austin Gold Flatware, Remington Bistros, and their new Farm Table Bistro. Brides are loving the natural look this season. Exposed wood and natural textures are making a beautiful appearance in many cold weather weddings as well, so this trend will definitely continue into the Winter season. “Some of our favorite cold weather wedding treats would have to be serving warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick – our Irish Coffee Mugs are fantastic and cute enough for any detail shot when used that way!”

We adore these Fall 2015 that are equally stylish and rustic.

Corresponding Writer | Heather Duensing, Southern Events Party Rental Company

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