A Classic Fall Makeup Look

FallmakeupChoosing a timeless wedding makeup look is a beautiful way to enhances the bride’s natural features for a gorgeous, classic look. When the bride and groom and their family members look through photo albums of the wedding day, the bride will look beautiful for years and years with a classic makeup look. We recently spoke with Makeup and Hair by Alina Karaman about natural makeup and hair styles for the Fall season that will look timeless in photos for years to come as well.

The wedding look is always custom to the bride and her preferences, but this usually results in a soft, natural look. Also, the hairstyle will typically depend on the weather at the time. Makeup and Hair by Alina Karaman mentions that brides wear their hair down more in the Fall and Winter because there is not much humidity, and curled hair will stay curled much longer than it would in a warmer month.



Makeup and Hair by Alina Karaman always stays in natural palettes because the wedding photos will stay for generations to come, and only classic looks survive that long. A lot of natural brown, taupe, and grey colors are used for the eyes. Lip color palettes typically stay in the natural zone as well. Many brides do not want to commit to makeup touch-ups throughout the day, so more colorful lips are not ideal for a bride who does not want to worry about her lipstick fading throughout the night.

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However, Makeup and Hair by Alina Karaman mentions that some brides choose themed weddings more often in the late Fall and winter, such as a glamorous Great Gatsby themed wedding. The makeup can be more intense and smoky for a themed wedding like The Great Gatsby due to the glitz and glam of the 1920’s.

Makeup and Hair by Alina Karaman mentions that Fall is a fabulous time of the year for a great makeup look because the skin does not over produce oil, hair does not frizz, and many makeup products can stay put throughout the whole day without many touch-ups.

A classic makeup look is the perfect route to take when choosing how you want to look on your wedding day. We know all of you brides will be absolutely stunning walking down the aisle!

View More: http://sokolovphotography.pass.us/01172015

Images | Evelyn Alas Photography, Sokolov Photography

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