JoAnn & Ginger

JoAnn and Ginger’s picturesque wedding took place on October 17, 2015 in an intimate ceremony. Their Fall oceanside nuptials were set at the Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange, Florida. The day was captured by Christy Transier, of Transier Photography. The brides met while JoAnn was stationed at Ft, Stewart, and Ginger was visiting close family friends who were stationed there as well. It was a chance meeting as Ginger was making her way to her next Coast Guard station in Charleston, SC. The pair were engaged in 1994!FW8

“We were both overcome with joy and excitement but especially taken back by each others beauty.  By both meeting in the military and JoAnn finishing her career another 9 years after we had our commitment ceremony we led a very quiet and private life.  That was our norm which continued for many years after her retirement because then Ginger was in the Army National Guard.  So, to have our closest friends and family sitting there to witness our wedding was truly amazing and frightening at the same time.”

To match the Fall season, they chose autumn orange and blueberry blue as the color palette. The tables were set with white linens, and decorated with a single orange flower inside an old fashion milk bottle that had blue beads inside. Additional tables were decorated with orange white glass stones around each center piece, finished off with two LED candles. 



The reception and ceremony were both set at the Riverside Pavilion, which made for a convenient affair. The night was complete with DJ and spacious dance floor for guests to dance the night away. The ceremony took place on the outside deck that overlooked the inter-coastal waterway.  To keep the surprise factor of seeing each other walk down the aisle, each bride stayed on opposite ends of the porch.  JoAnn walked first with each of her brothers (Bobby and Jimmy) along the back of the pavilion then up the center isle. The brides did not see each other until Ginger walked with her Father (John) up the center isle. 



Special Wedding Happenings…

JoAnn’s maid of honor was her friend (Gina), of over 25 years, who is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army.  Ginger’s Man-of-honor was JoAnn’s grandson whom she adopted when he was 3.

Both brides wore family heirlooms as their something old. Ginger’s being a necklace her father gave her mother 45 years prior, and JoAnn’s being a diamond bracelet from her mother that’s been in her family for over 100 years. 

The couples good friends Jeffrey and Stephen flew in from California to come to the wedding, and then go on their 7-day honeymoon cruise the following day with the couple.



“After 21 years of being together and to FINALLY get married….there aren’t enough words to describe the joy!”


DJ | Mr. Hollywood

Caterer | Chef Papa’s menu prepared by their good friend Amber Dupuis

Bartender | Jackie

Photographer | Christy Transier of Transier Photography

Notary | John Davis III, Ginger’s brother

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