It’s In The Details

Are you looking to get married in a barn, but want it to look timeless and not cliche? Wedding planner extraordinaire Angela Proffitt is here to help! Create a timeless venue with lighting, decor, and unique flower arrangements. Play with the rustic nature or a barn, but make it uniquely yours.

 When it comes to creating quality photos and video to remember your special day, lighting is key. If you’re thinking of where to spend your budget lighting is a great use of your money. Think soft uplighting, amber uplighting, string lights, pin spots, and chandeliers. Check out this gorgeous wedding at Belle Meade Plantation. Nashville Event Lighting did such a great job!

1609969_816189408403781_2037739234439860888_nImage by Divine Images

 Amber uplighting with crystal chandeliers on dimmers. Light focus was the drapery around the perimeter of the room, the poles that outlined the dance floor and the wedding cake.

Simple string lights above the bride and groom for ceremony. Uplights on barn doors and pin spots on archway in front.

featuredImage by Matt Andrews

Amber uplights highlight the large round family table in the center of Belle Meade
Plantation Stables with a bird bath pouring water.

Ryan Junclaus_details_forAngela_web-20-X2Image by Matt Andrews

Soft uplighting and pin spots by Nashville Event Lighting. The lighting is focused on the head table under the drapery and the cake as well as the large centerpiece trees.

Screen Shot 2011-09-29 at 1.21.23 PM-LPhoto by Carrie Workman Photography

There’s a difference between hosting your wedding in a barn and having a barn wedding. Your venue may scream rustic, but can be transformed by timeless decor.

929-X3Image by Meishach Moore

931-X3Image by Meishach Moore

To Angela Proffitt, Classic Southern Barn means: mason jars, burlap, hay bales, oil lanterns,
string lights, wild flowers, baby breath, whiskey barrels, wooden tables, mint julep
cups, milk glass, and lace.

Dove Wedding PhotographyImage by Matt Andrews

If you are wanting to step away from the classic look, stay away from crystals, drapes, stainless steel lanterns, copper, square modern
glass, and gold tones. If you want that “barn look” don’t cover the barn doors. Also, stay away from glass tables and white leather furniture.

TWI_4936-X3Image by The Collection, Erin

The couple below met at the Derby so their table names were actual horses in the race
Horseshoes were the escort cards

This couple loved troughs so Angela branded their wedding date into boxes that could be
used as that later at their home
The entry of the guests was very southern!

This couple traveled a lot together and went through lots of train stations. For their
seating chart, a chalk board was made to look like a train departure board. The couple used
images they captured on some of their trips together and the table names were each
place they had traveled.
Dove Wedding Photography


111112_0025-X3Image by Dove Wedding Photography

“We plan all of the weddings we do based on the clients personality and use psychology to ensure we focus on what is important to the client and where they want to spend their money. I ask all of the brides to give me 3 adjectives that describe their event and that typically is a great way for me to know what is important to them. I ask a lot of questions about how they met and what their style is to know how to incorporate unique/different things.”

111112_0026-X3Image by Dove Wedding Photography

Dove Wedding PhotographyImage by Dove Wedding Photography

print  91315-X3



“A lot of my clients want a WOW factor and have different styles. So we don’t
necessarily always stick to a “theme”. Often times when they can’t choose, we will
have different areas that are cohesive. For example, have the ceremony look, the
cocktail area look, the dinner look and the dancing look.”

With this wedding, there were a few different looks:

-Cocktail area; outdoors-Tiffany blue and modern with white leather furniture
-Dinner: very dreamy, elegant and formal with lots of crystals, candles and drapes,
pink flowers
-Dancing: club feel with disco ball and checkered dance floor and colored lights
Lana_jason0695-X3Image by Krista Lee

Lana_jason1364-X3Image by Krista Lee

Phillips0102Image by Krista Lee

Phillips0117Image by Krista Lee

Phillips0139Image by Krista Lee

-How can you create a southern barn wedding that is classy and timeless?

With soft Drapes, Crystals, Pearls, Candles, Glass, Candelabras, Gold Tones, Mercury
Glass, Lace, Chandeliers, china, runners, and linens.

It’s all in the details!
Lindsay Shaun_Wedding_Fav-86-X3.jpgImage by Matt Andrews

Lindsay Shaun_Wedding-443-X3Image by Matt Andrews

Nashville_Wedding_Photographer_Kristyn_Hogan_Whitt_373-X3Image by Kristyn Hogan

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.36.04 PM-SImage by LA Photography

Advice for brides who are planning on Pinterest:

“Practice, practice, practice, or hire professional who knows what they are doing.
There are so many amazing and cute things on Pinterest, but keep in mind that there is still
time and labor that goes into completing some of theses projects.”

“Educate yourself on the overall cost of these ideas and prioritize before starting
to make choices. Know the big picture then narrow down what is most important.”

“There is still labor involved in thrifting items so make sure that you
have a team of professionals lined up to execute your vision before buying a bunch
of stuff. It may be a better value to rent items rather than purchase.”

Happy planning ladies!

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