Fall Beauty in Nashville


A Fall wedding in Nashville, Tennessee is a beautiful, unique experience. The joys of Fall can be thoroughly experienced in Middle Tennessee with cooler weather, deeper colors, and warm spices. For the bride who loves deep color palettes and crisp air, Fall is the perfect season for a Southern wedding.

We recently spoke with Curry Malone from Curry & Co. Events Design Company to get the scoop on Fall wedding design in Nashville. Curry Malone mentioned that many of her brides and grooms are heavily involved in the creative process of wedding planning this Fall. A lot of Curry Malone’s clients are creating their own styles this season, and personalizing their weddings based upon their own personal tastes. Curry Malone calls this “co-designing.” If you are a bride who likes to set her own trends, this season is the perfect time to get creative!


Nashville is a city that allows brides and grooms to experience all four seasons, but Fall happens to be Curry Malone’s favorite season. Fall weddings typically include rich, decadent color palettes and so many unique venues to choose from for the Fall loving bride. A lot of brides who choose to get married in the Fall love the outdoors and the fresh floral options that exclusively available during the Fall season, including Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are a beautiful, popular flower for weddings, but they are not ideal for an outdoor wedding during warmer months. Hydrangeas hold up very well in the Fall season. “It is truly a treat to have them in abundance and have them last the entire night without rehydrating them.”



This season, brides are really loving dark rich plums, purples, yellows, and a lot of greens for their Fall color palettes. Deep color palettes can be infused with so many different color options from blush pink to navy blue. There is something extra decadent and gorgeous about a deeper wedding color palette, which makes for a truly enchanting wedding day.

The wonderful weather that Fall brings to Middle Tennessee allows for a truly gorgeous, unforgettable wedding day. Get creative in your Fall wedding design this season with gorgeous deep color palettes and beautiful Fall florals!

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