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When planning a wedding, details are a key component involved in creating stunning wedding designs. We recently spoke with Kelly Fowler from Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design to get the scoop on the importance of details for a personalized, beautiful wedding day!

“I think that a wedding is all about the details from start to finish.” Focusing on details is the perfect way to let your personality shine through as a couple by giving the wedding a personal touch. Some great ways to do this are through signage, drink selections, stationary, and menu selections. However, it is important to not go overboard with the details. Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design suggests picking a cohesive theme and sticking with it! The possibilities are endless for gorgeous details in the theme that the couple chooses. Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design has seen a lot of tent weddings lately with incredible detailing in the design. “Draping and swagging fabric and lights, floral swing from the rafters…the possibilities are endless.”


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Some brides are absolutely terrified of details, which is perfectly okay! Wonderful wedding planners love to work with their clients to make sure the details are not terrifying and especially not overlooked. Just Save The Date Event Planning and Design has a great motto, “Just Save The Date and let us take care of the rest.” By being involved in the planning process from start to finish, including design, wedding planners know exactly how to bring the wedding vision to life. This doesn’t only include how things will look, but how the wedding day will feel, smell, sound, and taste. “It’s about taking our clients on a journey and making them realize that although overwhelming and a little scary, the details are what makes the wedding them! Without details, all weddings would be the same.”


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Having a stress-free wedding day is so important for the happy couple. By communicating with the couple in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the wedding, Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design tries to alleviate as much of the stress as possible.“Letting them know that if they need anything, even to vent or ask questions, that we are always a phone call or email away seems to help with the stress and nerves a lot.” Just as each wedding is different, each bride is different, and Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design loves to find out what helps each bride in the best way with her wedding day stress, such as food, champagne, a long walk, or even some quiet time alone. “If the bride knows we are on top of the details and executing all of her plans, then that helps her to relax and enjoy the day!”


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Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design tries to develop a personal relationship with everyone that they work with. By treating each client like a friend, Just Save The Date Event Planning & Design builds long-lasting friendships that extent far beyond the weekend. “We love being able to hear and see photos of their honeymoons, new homes, and new babies! We love seeing all of the parts of the event come together, especially the ones we have helped plan from start to finish.”


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