Enchanting Arches

Depending on where you will be exchanging vows, a floral archway could be a beautiful focal point. Be extravagant and cover the whole structure, or give the structure just a hint of whimsy with fresh sprigs. If your ceremony venue doesn’t already have a ceremony arch, your florist can create one for you! We spoke with Jim Knestrick, of Knestrick by Design, and he gave us the skinny.


With summer coming to an end…he told us some trends that are here to stay!

Mercury glass for centerpieces, gold containers, vintage brass candlesticks, giving your venue the feeling of being in your own home.

When deciding on flowers for your archway Jim suggests first starting with how many flowers you actually want. He suggests a swag in the front with greenery going down the sides.

“There are so many ways to decorate arches, ranging from covering it entirely to putting a swag in the middle or even to just a few flowers and greenery in the corners. “

The importance of an archway

“The importance of an arch is to frame the bride and groom and create a focal point for the ceremony. If you are outside for instance, it creates a backdrop for the bride and groom where there might not be one. This helps frame photographs of the ceremony as well. An arch can also be useful if the space is large and you want to create a more intimate setting. An arch will draw your eye to the middle of the room and can break up a large empty space.”

Church Door

What flowers work best

“Choosing the right flowers for the arch is very important. If it is summer
you might want to stay away from the more delicate flowers like hydrangeas
or tulips. They will wilt when they are in the sun for too long. You do
want to use flowers like roses, snapdragons, stock, and others that hold up
really well. You also want to make sure that you create clusters of the same
color so that you don’t end up with a spotty or polka dot look. Lighter
colors tend to show up better in photos.”




At Knestrick by Design they create archways at private venues or farms, or anywhere that doesn’t have an established altar. They use archways to create a focal point for the ceremony if one doesn’t already exist.

The most unique

“My favorite arch I have created was at First Lutheran Church downtown
Nashville where we followed the stone work of the entrance and created a
beautiful floral arch to welcome the attending guests.”

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