Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

BranchingOut5The bridal bouquet is such a special element of the wedding day for every bride. She has chosen a bouquet full of her own personality including a favorite flower, or maybe a favorite color, arranged in a beautiful way that she will always cherish.

Incredible Nashville floral designer, Branching Out Event Florist, mentions that bridal bouquets are very personal for the bride as she chooses flowers that she loves and are near and dear to her heart. The bridal bouquet stays with the bride years and years after the wedding day through memories and great photography of the bridal bouquet as the bride flips through old photo albums of her beautiful wedding day.


Vicki Sanders from Branching Out Event Florist suggests that the bridal bouquet reflect the theme and compliment the decor of the wedding as well as the beautiful bridal gown. This creates a cohesive, put together wedding day full of beauty!


If the bride has a rustic barn wedding or gorgeous vintage themed wedding in mind, Vicki Sanders from Branching Out Event Florist recommends beautiful Hydrangeas or cheerful, gorgeous Sunflowers! Also, Succulents are a perfect choice for an outdoor or rustic styled wedding.


If you are more of a classic, elegant bride, Vicki Sanders loves beautiful Orchids at traditional weddings. Hydrangeas are also beautiful at traditional weddings making this flower versatile and gorgeous!






We wish you an amazing wedding day from Enchanted Brides and Branching Out Event Florist!

Images: Branching Out Event Florist 

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