The Beauty of the Veil

The wedding veil is such a symbolic and meaningful element of a bride’s wedding day look. Veils have been worn symbolically by brides throughout history for different reasons, but today, the veil signifies the love and happiness of a wedding day. The wedding veil has remained special in the wedding world for centuries. We recently met with designer Alain Patterson of Le Jardin de Julia to discuss the significance of the veil, and why this traditional piece still brings so much emotion to weddings today.

The veil is truly the finishing touch to the bride’s overall wedding look as she walks down the aisle. It is what makes the idea of “bride” come to life. The veil creates drama and excitement as the bride walks towards her soulmate before her face is revealed. “It’s all about the undertaking. Whether the father or groom lifts up the veil, the bride’s face is seen for the first time, such a special moment.” No other aspect of a bride’s wedding day look sets a tone quite as unique as the veil.


Alain Patterson works with many brides who wish to wear veils that belonged to their mothers, grandmothers, or even great-great-grandmothers. Passing down a veil to multiple generations of brides is such a special way to make family members immersed in the wedding day. Those who have worn the original veil become such a special part of the wedding day as the bride walks down the aisle with the gorgeous veil covering her face. These family members truly become part of the bride. Alain Patterson told us, “I have a veil that has been passed down five generations.”

Today, some brides worry that wearing a veil will make them look old-fashioned or outdated while walking down the aisle.  Alain Patterson explains that this is not the case. “A bride can come into the salon with her mind made up that a veil is not needed…then she will find herself going over to the veils without thinking, touching the fabric, and trying them on, and before long the tears of joy flow from her eyes, her mother’s, her bridesmaid’s, and even mine.”  The tradition of the veil is one that many modern brides are sticking with.

As a future bride looks through old photographs of her parent’s and grandparent’s weddings, she understands the beauty and tradition of a gorgeous veil.“She thinks of dad escorting her down the aisle to give her away and how traditional and formal it would be to have him pull her veil back (if covered) to give his daughter to a fine gentleman.”

Photography: Divine Images

Gown: b. Hughes Bridal Formal

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