Summer Wedding Themes

We love talking trends with great rental companies, like Liberty Party Rental from Nashville, TN. This summer, Liberty Party Rental explains that brides are steering away from tradition and are opting to mix different elements and colors to create contrasted, gorgeous wedding themes.



Summer brides see nothing wrong with mixing and matching metallic hues and when it comes to choosing a rustic or a modern themed wedding, they say why not both? From pairing wood farm tables with sleek gunmetal or ghost chairs, to wanting matte gold flatware instead of sterling silver, there is nothing holding these brides and grooms back.


Wedding decor isn’t the only place brides are showing off their eclectic style either. They are making their weddings unique to every last detail, even down to their food and beverage choices.

Passing out miniature versions of their favorite foods, or even what they might have had on their first date, in all varieties of petite serving vessels during cocktail hour and forgoing the traditional sit down dinners for the best food trucks in town to roll up to their venues are just a few ways these brides and grooms are mixing things up.


A lot of thought and consideration also goes into what is being poured into the guests’ glasses. Signature cocktails have become quite popular over the last few years; however, these brides and grooms dare to take this idea one step further. They won’t just stop at one drink, but instead decide to show off his love for bourbon with a fully stocked bourbon bar filled with an array of rocks glasses. They want to give their guests a unique experience that is exclusive to their love story.


During the heat of the summer, couples tend to be slightly more casual than those in the more traditional months of May or October. We often see a brighter pop of color, such as coral, in either the flowers or the linen. Picnic or BBQ décor with themed food is given a touch of elegance and made more upscale for an afternoon wedding. Clear tents with Italian string lighting protect guests from the occasional summer shower, while guests dance barefoot on a rustic wood dance floor.



“As Pablo Picasso said, ‘Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,’ and that’s just what we try to help our brides and grooms accomplish, down to every last detail.”


Corresponding writer | Emily Maksimowicz

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