Your Little Emergency Kit And What To Carry It In

You’re leaving the comforts of your home and heading out into a world with endless possibilities, so it’s best to be prepared…even for the small things. Having a perfectly packed clutch will become your new best friend at the countless events you’ll be attending this wedding season!

Below are a list of items that are easily forgotten, and could mean the difference between shiny skin and a polished look. For brides and guests alike..having these essentials will keep you camera ready during the ceremony and reception.

The Essentials:

a tube of lipstick

bobby pins

a hair tie

a comb

bandaids and blister defense



oil blotting sheets

loose powder & powder brush


eyelash adhesive

double sided tape


Let’s talk about what you will carry all of these little goodies in. Clutches and crossbody bags OH MY!!

We have been found guilty of carrying our entire bedroom in our purse at one time or another, but having a smaller bag will force you to think before you pack. With less room in these micro sized bags, you will want to utilize every square inch without making it too heavy.





Clutches | Neiman Marcus

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