Light Up Your Night

 The use of lighting and drapery is the perfect way to liven up a space for a dreamy, romantic wedding setting. By utilizing gorgeous lighting and drapery that corresponds with your wedding theme and decorations, your guests will be left in awe by the beauty circulating your dream wedding!

 We recently spoke with Lauren Buscher of Grand Central Party Rental to discuss drapery and lighting a little bit more for all of you brides who love thinking about your wedding decor!


 Grand Central Party Rental believes that drapery and lighting are perfect for highlighting a room’s features and hiding areas that you do not necessarily want your guests to see.

Great drapery and lighting also allow you to break one large space into specific areas, such as lounge areas or dining areas, and help soften hard rooms while brightening dark spaces. Drapery and lighting can truly transform a location into your ideal wedding space.


 Are you thinking about incorporating gorgeous shades of blue or purple into your wedding? Grand Central Party has seen a lot of purple and blue drapery this wedding season. Shades of blue and purple also work very well together, and can create a jaw-dropping wedding setting through coordinating elements such as beautiful lighting, drapery, and other decor such as linens and tablecloths!

However, no matter which stunning wedding colors you decide to incorporate, you can find drapery and lighting to coordinate with your theme. Stunning lighting and drapery truly help establish and define the wedding mood alongside your other beautiful wedding decor.



 When choosing drapery and lighting, the first step is to decide which areas you want to cover and which areas you want to highlight in your wedding venue. From there, just make an appointment with a professional rental company, like Grand Central Party Rental, and start measuring and choosing colors to create your stunning wedding vision.

 We hope you have a dreamy, beautiful wedding day from Enchanted Brides and Grand Central Party Rental!

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