Make Your Wedding Last A Lifetime

Your wedding day is such a special and personal time that you may wish to relive over and over once the beautiful day has ended. Thankfully, this is very possible with a great videographer who would love to capture your wedding on film. We recently spoke with Robert Berndt of Integrity Event Video to understand just how special and necessary videography truly is on your wedding day.

When couples begin the process of wedding planning, they become so busy implementing wedding logistics that they sometimes forget about the importance of wedding videography. Don’t let this be you! Wedding videography allows the bride, groom, and family to relive the event at any time! Imagine reflecting back on a video of your wedding during a romantic anniversary with your partner and enjoying the day all over again. Wedding videos are not just documentations of weddings, but are documentations of the family members who attend as well. “It is a documentation of voice, mannerisms, and personalities that would be a real shame for children not to see.”



 Integrity Event Video often finds that as soon a couple realizes the value and importance of a wedding video they immediately begin looking for a videographer. The possibility of having a wedding video changes from “nice to have” to “a must have.”

Integrity Event Video loves creating memorable wedding videos for brides and grooms. The memories of the wedding span from jokes that are said to tears that are shed during the vows. It is a reminder of the commitment the bride and groom make to one another.


Integrity Event Video has found that no two weddings are the same, which makes the event so unique to film and special for the family to watch. Because of this, Integrity Event Video makes sure to film each wedding in a unique way by staying aware of the couples‘ personalities and shooting in a style that will make the bride and and groom want to watch their wedding day over and over again. The responsibility of the videographer is not to just capture the event, but to recognize and feel the emotion of the event and respond to it properly with camera.”

To make the video as personal as possible, Integrity Event Video asks brides and grooms to fill out a questionnaire that gives insight into the interests and personalities of the couple with questions such as “What do you do in your spare time” and “How did the two of you meet?” Getting to know the bride and groom is essential in creating a unique and special wedding video for each couple.


Some brides and grooms decide to cut cost with videography, which can sacrifice so many memories from the wedding. A wedding day can be very hectic and can even feel like a blur to some couples. Videography allows memories that may have been forgotten to stay with the bride and groom forever. Integrity Event Video shoots every wedding knowing they only have one chance to create a perfect video that will be tasteful and enjoyable to watch for the rest of your lives!


Don’t let one of the most important events of your lives only last for one day. By hiring a wedding videographer, you can relive the magic with your loved ones as much as you would like.

We hope you have a beautiful and memorable wedding day from Enchanted Brides!

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