Delicious Dessert Stations

Are you considering displaying a beautiful dessert station at your summer wedding? Dessert stations have become increasingly popular in today’s weddings for several reasons. From variety to flavor, dessert stations are the perfect way to please your guests with various delicious treats to enjoy. We recently spoke with Amy Millslagle, marketing director for The Frosted Affair, to learn a little bit more about dessert stations and why they are such a hit!


Wedding dessert stations are very innovative with so many different options from themed cake pops, cake balls, cake shots, macarons in any flavor and color combination, and even pop-a-roons (macarons on a stick). The Frosted Affair also has the ability to use edible images that taste and looks great as well as the ability to put chocolate monograms on dipped Oreos and themed chocolate pieces on top of brownies and dessert bars. You name it, the ideas are absolutely endless with dessert stations.


Dessert stations are not only extremely pleasing to our taste buds, they are very pleasing to the eye. Dessert stations are stylish and beautiful and allow the bride to have a styled beautiful table full of desserts vs. a single table with one cake. This makes for great photography!


Dessert bars are such a great way to add variety. “Brides always want to make their guests happy and dessert bars allow them to give lots of options.” Displaying a dessert station is a very easy way to provide those with vegan, nut, dairy, or gluten allergies with the option to have sweets at the wedding. No one is left out with dessert stations! Just be sure to tell your baker about any dietary restrictions so that your delicious desserts can be enjoyed by every guest with a sweet tooth. The Frosted Affair is able to cater to any allergy!


The most popular desserts that The Frosted Affair creates for dessert stations are cake pops, but macarons are catching up! “Other favorites include cake shots (2 oz. clear shot glasses with cake and icing and an adorable silver spoon…so elegant), custom cookies, and chocolate cream cheese brownies iced with a chocolate buttercream.” Delicious!

When choosing desserts for your dessert station, The Frosted Affair suggests keeping your budget in mind. Many brides believe having a dessert station instead of a traditional wedding cake is less expensive. However, this is not true. It all depends on the desserts that you choose, but the majority of the dessert bars are equal or slightly more expensive that a wedding cake. Additionally, deliver and rental fees increase as set up time and the number of serving pieces increases. Something to keep in mind!


Amy Millslagle mentions that dessert stations do not have to take the place of a traditional wedding cake. The station can serve as the groom’s cake or the take home party favor! The Frosted Affair can create custom boxes with the couple’s monogram, which serves as super sweet take home favor!

The Frosted Affair suggests using different flavors and textures of desserts for dessert stations. The different flavors and textures combined with a mix of different serving pieces at different heights creates a wow factor on a dessert table, especially when paired with a beautiful linen and overlay. Gorgeous!


“Every bride needs a cake.” Even if you decide to have a dessert station at your wedding, The Frosted Affair recommends having a cake. Depending on the amount of desserts your choose, you don’t have to have cake for all of the guests. The bride and groom could cut a small two tier cake for themselves while saving the top tier and serving the bottom tier at brunch the next day! “When you look back 10-15 years, you will have wished you had a cake.”  Add some fun variety to your wedding with a delicious dessert station while implementing the tradition of a wedding cake!

We hope you have a beautiful wedding day from Enchanted Brides & The Frosted Affair!


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