Is A Destination Wedding Better Than Local?

The Wedding Planning Team at Legacy Farms located just outside Nashville Tennessee works with lots of Destination Brides.  If you’re starting to plan your wedding and are having trouble deciding between having a destination wedding or a wedding in your hometown, here a  short guide to the pros and cons of each to help you make your decision.




Pros of a Destination Wedding:

1. It’s less expensive

Most of the time, when people book their ideal destination wedding, they are able to find all inclusive hotels or venues that have all inclusive packages.  This will help reduce cost while also giving you many options to choose from to customize your big day.

2.  2-in-1

One of the things that people love about destination weddings is that they have the chance to combine their special day with a nice relaxing honeymoon.  Their guests also have the chance to take a short vacation as well.

3. More customizable

Since most of the packages you’ll find are all inclusive, it gives you a chance to find everything all in one place and be able to customize your big day to your vision.  This way you won’t have to look around at different vendors to be able to maximize your options. Legacy Farms Wedding and Event Venue  is committed to helping You create Your vision.

4. Destination Weddings in Nashville Tennessee are VERY popular right now

The city is alive with many options for your guests enjoyment during their stay, as well as fun options for you to stay over for your honeymoon.




Cons of a Destination Wedding:

1. Extra unexpected details

No matter where you have your wedding, there’s always that small chance that you’re going to run into something unexpected.  When planning a destination wedding, it’s always good idea to look into possible additional costs, like passports if you’re going out of the country.  Also, be sure to check for what laws might be applicable to your desired country to ensure smooth planning.  Let your planner help you every step of the way

2. Smaller guest count

One of the reasons that destination weddings can be much less expensive is because guests will be paying for their own transportation and hotel stay.  On the other side, this may result in many people not being able to attend the wedding due to not being able to afford the trip or get time off of work.

3. Not as hands on

We all know how hard it is to be in two places at once.  One of the drawbacks to having a destination wedding is that you will not be able to be there, in person, for the most part to help plan your special day.  A lot of correspondences will be over email or by phone.




Pros of a Local Wedding:

1. Larger guest list

Having a wedding closer to home, especially if you still have family in the area, means that fewer people are likely to need extensive travel plans like they would with a destination wedding.  It will be much easier for people to be able to afford accommodations and take time off for your wedding.

2. More sentimental meaning

Hometowns are not only home to you and your family, but they’re probably home to some of your fondest memories.  Getting married in the place you grew up can bring back some good times and make your day that much more special.

3. More hands on planning

When planning a local wedding, you’ll have more of an opportunity to meet with a wedding planner, as well as vendors, to plan the day of your dreams.  This allows you to be more hands on with the planning process and make everything as special as you want it to be.




Cons of a Local Wedding:

1. More expensive

Depending on where your hometown may be located, there is always a chance that you may not be able to find a venue that offers a complete package.  This could mean hiring a wedding planner, booking a venue, and hiring vendors separately; it all adds up quickly.

2. May take longer to plan

Despite the fact that you’ll be able to be more hands on in the planning process, having to book everything separately can take more time, especially when you’re working around busy schedules.

3. It’s not 2-in-1

When people think of a honeymoon, they think of getting away to their own personal paradise and that’s not normally something that’s associated with hometowns.  Having a local wedding means that you’ll probably want to plan a separate honeymoon, which can take even more time and money.

Legacy Farms Wedding Venue– conveniently located just 20 minutes from the airport in Nashville TN can help you realize your perfect wedding day or weekend.  Call us 615.321.2394 or visit our website to secure your destination wedding dream


Writer | Anna Coppotelli

Venue | Legacy Farms

Photography | Ace Photography

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