The Roaring Twenties


Themed weddings are such a fun and unique way to bring your personality into one of the most special events of your life. You may be attached to a certain era of time and want to incorporate this into your wedding. One era of time that has become increasingly popular for themed events is the glamorous “Roaring Twenties” theme.

This theme is perfect for the bride who loves 1920’s glam, and is fascinated by the sleek, glamorous, beaded wedding gowns that have recently been seen all over the runway. To learn a little bit more about the planning process for themed weddings, we spoke with Shari Zatman of Perfectly Planned by Shari to help you begin planning your stunning 1920’s styled wedding!


 When you begin planning a themed wedding that represents a certain time period, such as the 1920’s, the first step is to research what was happening during that decade. For example, you will need to know what types of foods were popular during that time, what the style of home decor was like, what fashion trends were hot, and what type of music was in.

These elements will capture the time period and really bring the 1920’s to life at your wedding! The utilization of props is a great way to bring your wedding theme to life. Decor should always be a part of any themed wedding from furniture, lighting, props, and fabric treatments.


You may consider asking your guests to dress up in the theme of your wedding. This is entirely up to you. Not all themed events encourage or require guests to dress in the theme. Guests will still be immersed in the theme through the props and decor you choose to use.

However, consider asking guests to dress in theme if you wish to add some more fun creativity into your wedding day!Think about the ladies dressed in gorgeous 1920’s style beaded dresses and headbands, and the gentleman dressed in sharp, dapper suits and fedoras!


Perfectly Planned by Shari also suggests these fabulous ideas for a “Roaring Twenties” themed wedding:

 -Hire someone to dress as a flapper or cigarette girl and pass out specialty drinks and desserts to guests.

-Hang a condensed mass of balloons with Mylar ribbon tied to them over the dance floor. This will give the effect of confetti above the guests when they look up.

 -Serve drinks from an ice sculpture shaped like a Clawfoot Bathtub.



We just know your 1920’s themed wedding will be fabulous!

Images provided by: Ian Riley Photography

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