Making the Most of Your Rental Experience

Congratulations! You’re engaged and thrilled to begin planning your dream wedding, but also a little bit nervous. You may not precisely know the specifics when it comes to detail, which is perfectly normal. This is why incredible rental companies are there to help brides incorporate these details into the big picture for a seamless, beautiful wedding day. We gathered some helpful information from top rental company, Classic Party Rentals, to help brides like you realize the importance of elements and factors that may not seem so obvious when you begin planning your wedding.


 Classic Party Rentals believes it is crucial to keep brides included in the wedding planning process through clear communication, and to make sure brides are aware of necessary specific information. Classic Party Rentals begins this process by offering a complimentary consultation at their office. They show the bride their rental items and also provide a tour of the warehouse. If Classic Party Rentals has an idea of the venue, color scheme, and likes/dislikes that the bride has in mind, they will have items in a creative “wheel house” on display when the bride arrives! Important factors are also discussed throughout the consultation, such as requirements of each chosen vendor for the wedding ceremony and reception. This helps brides become aware of the processes that will take place throughout wedding planning.


Brides may not realize what size or quantity of items is needed for a smooth wedding day. Classic Party Rentals explains that this is dependent on the layout and type of reception, such as a seated dinner or buffet. Classic Party Rentals makes sure to walk the bride through the process of having extras on hand for buffet and bar areas, and suggests communicating with the caterer to find out what is or her needs may be for the big day. If the bride is having a buffet style reception, Classic Party Rentals suggests ordering 15-20% more dish and flatware for guests returning to the buffet line, because guests will expect a clean plate and fork for their second trip. If there is a bar, extra wine or specialty drink glasses will be necessary. The majority of guests will head back to the bar expecting a clean class for their next drink as well.


For seated dinners, the quantity of dishes and flatware will be much closer to the bride’s actual number of guests. However, Classic Party Rentals suggests having about 10-15 extra plates just in case. When it comes to quantity of tables and chairs, the amount also depends on the style of the wedding. A lot of brides want their receptions to feel like parties with a flow from the tables to the dance floor. Many of these brides are opting to not seat everyone, but to have plenty of conversation areas with lounge furniture! Classic Party Rentals discusses the pros and cons of this style of seating during consultation, but finds that it works very well for brides who decide to incorporate this style of seating.


 It is important to keep in mind that the wedding will take time to set up and take down. The amount of time will depend upon the rental items used for the wedding and the size of the wedding. An indoor wedding could take 2-4 hours to install and 2-4 to break down. Installation could take 2-3 extra hours on each end if a tent is used, and may be installed a day early! Classic Party Rentals loves helping brides choose rentals that will work best in the venue they have chosen whether it is an indoor or outdoor space. Classic Party Rentals shows the brides pictures and renderings from past events to give them an idea of which rental items have been used and would work beautifully for specific venues. Classic Party Rentals works very closely with incredibly venues and are lucky to have their venue measurements and outdoor space configurations, which makes them very familiar with the venues’ instillation policies, timeframe requirements, and rules/regulations. Classic Party Rentals makes sure the brides they work with are completely aware of all of this information as well. What more could you ask for as a bride?


Finally, you are most likely asking yourself how far in advance you should request a rental company’s services. Classic Party Rentals suggests making this happen six months before the wedding at the very latest. It is always a great idea to allow extra time for important aspects of wedding planning, such as requesting services from a great rental company, such as Classic Party Rentals! We hope you have a magical celebration of love from Enchanted Brides Magazine and Classic Party Rentals! 


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