Delicious Spring Wedding Treats

When planning a Spring wedding, the bride must ask herself what types of delicious foods she would like to serve that will taste great and keep the guests satisfied. We spoke with Karen Freeze of Two Fat Men Catering, and gathered a few great Spring wedding treat ideas as well as some helpful advice! When brides ask Two Fat Men Catering what types of foods they should serve at the wedding, the best response is to go with the bride and groom’s personal favorites, and to not only follow the current trends. This makes the dishes so much more personal and meaningful to the bride and groom. Karen Freeze says, “If the groom loves Mac and Cheese, then have Mac and Cheese at the wedding.” It is important to bring the personalities of the bride and groom into the wedding as much as possible, which can be done by serving some of their favorite foods!

One of the most popular dishes that Two Fat Men Catering serves in the Spring is eggs and bacon for a passed appetizer. Eggs are associated with Spring, so this is a perfect fit. The eggs and bacon appetizer consists of a toasted crosinti, hard boiled egg, smoked tomato jam, and house cured bacon. Two Fat Men Catering has many different versions of this dish from eggs and bacon with prosciutto to a vegetarian option. Delicious!

eggs and tuna crostini-edit

Signature drinks are always a huge hit at weddings. A delicious, refreshing lemonade is perfect for a Spring wedding. Two Fat Men Catering offers a homemade basil lemonade mixed with vodka that many brides love. Another popular option is having a whiskey bar with a signature drink, such as the very popular fruit tea mixed with strawberry whiskey.

lemonade shooter-edit

Food stations are a great idea for any season. Two Fat Men Catering caters plated dinners and dinner buffets, but dinner stations are currently the most requested style of dinner setup. Guests love the variety and the option of going back for seconds. Two Fat Men Catering’s three most popular stations for Spring include a coffee and doughnut station, gourmet grilled cheese and soup station, and a soup and salad station with the salads served in martini glasses. These delicious foods can be served as guests enter the reception or as a late night snack after guests finish dancing the night away!

salad station- edit coffee & donut hole-edit

Happy planning from Enchanted Brides!

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